The main ingredient of this high strength antioxidant tea is the Tulsi Holy Basil leaf.  The holy basil plant have several healing properties from balancing the body, lowering cholesterol, helping the body adapt to stressful conditions, antioxidant and immune enhancing. Coupled with Lemon Myrtle and Sencha Green Tea you have an all encompasing blend of Health in a tea bag.  Have 1 tsp in boiled water morning and night.

Health Tea

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  • All tea products are to be used 1 tsp per person per day.  You can top up as many times as you like.  Enjoy with meals, after meals or on its own.  The teas are all sourced around the world to ensure their quality is present and all Australian Certified Organic at all times.


    over 20 years of personal research has gone into producing these products.  Enjoy and live life the way you are meant to ... in excellent health.