Purify tea was developed recently to support clients who were unable to take herbal medicine but were needing an immune boost and support for their chesty cough.  This tea is designes to help expell mucous and cleanse lymphatics.  I started giving it to my clients as we went through a terrible flu season with a great effect.  Please sip during the day or sleep at night and have in water throughout the day it will support your body’s elimination pathways and boost your immune system.  The overall feeling is cleansed and purified.


1 tsp per serve per person - refill as needed with boiled water.

Purify Tea

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  • All tea products are to be used 1 tsp per person per day.  You can top up as many times as you like.  Enjoy with meals, after meals or on its own.  The teas are all sourced around the world to ensure their quality is present and all Australian Certified Organic at all times.


    over 20 years of personal research has gone into producing these products.  Enjoy and live life the way you are meant to ... in excellent health.