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Medicinal Tea - Practitioner Only range

Did you ever want to have a warm nourishing tea that not only tasted good but also supported your energy levels, digestion and ability to detox.

These Practitioner only hand blended Certified Organic teas do all the above. Whats more they also contain herbs that work to strengthen your hair, skin and nails.

Pick some up from the Hawthorn Clinic on your way home or email for an order to be posted to you. $12 a bag with orders over $40 freight free.

I have blended herbs that support your body. The tea can be reused with boiled water for up to 5 hours. The taste keeps changing as medicinal properties continue to release.

what people have to say about it:

At work we all drink it and call it the 'skinny tea.' Thank you. JE Barossa

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