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What to feed your Child to support their Growth and Development.

Looking around my children’s class as I help out with an excursion. I notice the appearance of each child. Their mood ranges from an inability to sit still, looking refreshed, listless, being full of energetic enthusiasm and calmly sitting and taking it all in.

Through my study of Nutritional Medicine there are foods that can support all of these behaviours. Some of the exhaustion the children experience can be due to an imbalance with nutritional requirement and supply.

For the child’s frontal lobe of their brain to function it requires over 21 nutrients through minerals. This is there centre for personality forming, thinking, and decision making and planning. If you think about a breakfast filled with sugar ( aim for children is under 10gm of sugar per 100g) you may be supplying your child negative nutrients as it takes more for the body to digest and rid of the toxins than fill the body with nutrition. Understandably you may not always be able to stop this cold turkey but you can change the ratio and include an alternative cereal to add to this one to support some national intake as you wean them off it.

I have put together food ideas including recess, lunch and after school snacks using whole foods / tried and tested they not only taste great but are a great twist to the food you are probably otherwise sending with your child to school.

Come along for some free tasters and food ideas using wholefoods at The Field Wholefoods on 158 King William Road Hyde Park on Wednesday 6.30pm 6th July. I look forward to meeting with you.


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