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A little win!

My children asked why I never allow them to have coco pops for breakfast! So I decided to let them. I watched them each morning devour it in their dinner bowls as the cereal ones were too Small. By day three I was asked by their teachers to make sure they are getting enough sleep as they appeared tired. By the end of the week my middle daughter requested I buy her a new drink bottle as the new glass was possibly making her tired as she was unable to stay awake in class. I dutifully gave her back her old one that was still around. Week 2 Monday night my middle child wanted more coco pops after dinner. When we were talking later that night she asked if I could make her eggs on toast the next morning as she realized this tiredness she felt was due to the coco pops as she was feeling it again now. My other two children agreed with her. My heart couldn't be happier as we threw them away! For good. J

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