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Medicinal Eating, worth a try.

Winter can leave us feeling flat and heavy. Some days we may be pushing our self through the day, you may be waking through the night or awaking in the morning un-refreshed. Although there are many reasons for this but most commonly it is that we may need to include more raw enzyme rich roods. This will support our liver, digestive system and start the long-term process of hormonal and inflammatory support.

When eating food close to nature we are provided with a majority of our nutritional needs as well as enzymes our body needs for energy production. Have you ever thought about eating food as close to nature for a day?

Some people call it plant based eating, others may call it whole food or clean eating. I like to label it 'Wellness Wednesday' of 'Medicinal Eating'

The goal for this type of eating is to break up your current eating habits and bring in some foods closer to nature. A simple way to start is by adding 4 cups of vegetables and/or salads to your meals each day. If you are currently eating only 1 cup of these foods, then start slowly with 1 extra cup per week as it can make you feel bloated as it requires more energy to digest as your digestive system can become weakened from processed foods.

Other options are adding fruit to your current salads like pear and rocket with goats' cheese and walnuts. Otherwise adding avocado to tahini and lemon as a salad dressing.

Most importantly, when preparing these foods stop and enjoy the process. Experience the smells, immerse yourself in the colors. How do they make you feel? Can you taste the herbs you have added? Wintertime is about restoring and rest. Now that we are in Spring, our diet will need to contain a lot more energy rich foods, with lower fat so now is a great time to start the change.

You may also want to try Black rice, legumes and beans that you need to soak overnight then cook. Mix together with seeds and currents and use your fresh grapefruit as the dressing with unhulled tahini and olive oil.

Let Wednesdays be your start. Focus on Nature and what it provides as a whole food.

With fluid intake try to find some fresh mint, rosemary or lemon that you can slice and add to your boiled water. Enjoy the flavor and smell and way it cleanses your body.

If you enjoy this day of whole food eating and want to learn more, we can put together a program for your needs whether weight loss, cleansing or calming of the nervous system. Start to learn Medicinal eating by Naturo health care.

Face to Face is back! King William road, UNLEY

Lisa Fiocchini. ND. RN. Cardiac

Naturopath using food as medicine

23A King William Road, Unley

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