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Surf Life Saving Youth Development Academy Nutrition Session

Today I held a food demonstration at Surf Life Saving for their youth development team. This information and hands on session was to teach the teenage athelete the importance of nutrition with high intensity training and exercise. This program is run by Surf Life Saving SA Youth Development Partners as well as Flinders UniShape Research Centre.

I welcome these types of programs as they recognise the importance of eating right and understanding the requirements during this precious time of growth and development in a teenage body and mind.

My key in all these events is to ensure each and every person walks away with the understanding that their body is perfect and with the right tools they can get the most out of it. Clinically they need to understand the mechanisms of digestion and utilisation of the fuel for energy as well as the needs for their hormones, bones, organs and brain development.

If you have a teenager who is undertaking strenuous sports and needs to understand the correlation with diet and exercise then put aside some time and call Mel or Robin on 08 8373 3337 to arrange an appointment with me. We can work out a meal plan that not only suits the growing body but also with slight adjustments for the whole family to enjoy.

Feedback speaks for itself with Surf Sisters as well as the Surf Life Savers recognising, adapting and benefiting from food as medicine meal plans I put together for them.

Lisa Fiocchini Naturopath, Cardiac RN.

Hyde Park Medical Centre

88 King William Road


08 8373 3337

otherwise book online

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