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Are you looking after your Heart?


Heart Disease or Ageing Disease - is there a difference?

As a Cardiac Naturopath my aim of preventing heart disease is the same treatment plan as Anti-Ageing.

Heart disease is hardening of the arteries, poor circulation in blood vessels, decreased oxygen supply to major organs and blood vessels... this all causes ageing of the body, blood vessels and major organs. To revitalize this area of blood supply and increase oxygenation, circulation and purification of the blood is also a way of promoting life, vitality and youth to the person.

For over 17 years I have been treating patients with heart disease and noticed some familiarity among them all, stress both mental and physical, ageing of their body through poor nutrition, over medication, lack of exercise and most of all limited information to manage or change this way of life.

My goal as a Naturopath is to educate the benefits of nutritional eating and cardiac prevention.

With this I have patient’s bloods tested to show their level of aging in the body, inflammation and fat distribution. From these we can work towards a systematic approach to health and wellness.

So, how is the health of your heart? Is your diet anti-ageing?

If you’re not sure, let’s get together and go through what your body needs to support it in the best way we can - using my 'FOOD AS MEDICINE' approach..

Lisa Fiocchini, ND. RN. Cardiac.

0429 017 897

Over a decade of working on the front line on patients who have heart disease as a Cardiac Care Nurse. I am glad to now be in the privileged position of preventative care. Lisa Fiocchini. Naturopath

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