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Add a little Magnesium

Magnesium is needed for more than 350 biomedical reactions in the body, affecting 75% of enzyme functions. Magnesium is critical to neurotransmitter function, core energy metabolism, hormone metabolism, protein synthesis, cell membrane function, blood pressure regulation, calcium metabolism, muscle function, bowel function and memory.

A person deficient in magnesium may experience neuromuscular excitability, which can lead to hyperactivity, loss of concentration, impulsivity, muscle spasms, and poor sleep quality.

Magnesium taurate may be the magnesium you need if feeling anxiety and struggling with sleep. This is because of its effect on GABA in the brain which produces a calming effect on your body.

Magnesium threonate can help with memory, mood, migraines and some headaches. This is because of its ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

Magnesium Citrate increases the water content in the bowel and can support constipation.

My most commonly used is Bisglycinate which supports quality of sleep. This also is a precursor for detoxification .

Magnesium supplementation.

Because of the effect magnesium can have on the bowel there are a few forms you need to understand.

* Gentle (less laxative) stool effect: chelates, aspartates, glycinates and gluconates

* Laxative stool effect: citrates, chlorides, and sulphates

Food sources:

Vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits.

What side effects to look out for - loose stool. Then cut back until bowel returns to normal.

pop into the clinic to find out the best one for you.

Goodwood Road, Daw Park.

Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac

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