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Loosing the Winter weight.


I just had a catch up with a friend who asked how she could start to lose her extra kilos gained over this Winter period. I told her simply;

have some fruit until lunch.

She stopped and digested that information, then proceed... but then what? What do I have at lunch and dinner?

We all want change immediately, but this won’t support long term change. Until we stop and learn, Why we eat, when we tend to eat more and what we actually are eating . Moving forward will be difficult.

With weight gain it’s important to change habits, but we first need to acknowledge them.

I asked her to start with eating fruit until lunch as there are many digestive enzymes with kiwi, pineapple, paw paw that can support your digestion whilst cleansing your body.

The process of ingesting bright colors was what I wanted her to enjoy. Looking for new fruits to nourish and brighten her body and mind. The next step would be to feel the emptiness compared to a large breakfast and acknowledging the body during the digestion process.

Naturally I would be unable to put her onto a complete eating plan as I can only do that in clinic after a full health assessment. Instead it was about learning to fall in love with your body, your bodies changes and the beautiful colors of fruits available during this time of the year.

The next time you change a behavior remember to enjoy the process as well as the change.

Have a great day

Lisa x

Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac

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