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The Detox Challenge questionairre?

How does your daily intake of toxins burden your Immune system?

Toxins in your body can accumulate over time and cause you to feel tired, experience digestive disorders, headaches, joint pains, bad breath, allergies, constipation, brittle nails, pimples, foggy thinking, insomnia, excess weight and many more.

Initially your body will work to protect itself by trapping toxic materials into fat cells so they are impeded from triggering adverse immune reactions. Sounds great, but this will only last temporarily. Over time your toxins will seep into the bloodstream and cell membranes, disturbing metabolic function and causing tissue damage.

This action of seeping into the blood stream occurs at a faster rate when we experience weight loss hence why people often fall ill after taking on a weight loss challenge within the first 4-5 weeks.

Herbal medicine can support this process and may reduce the symptoms of a lowered immune system as your body finds its balance. Winter is a great time to gently support the immune system whilst making the necessary changes to support your body through a simple cleanse which intern builds back your immune system and allows detoxification to take place.

How toxic am I? Simple questions to work out if you are in need of a gentle cleanse.

Answer 'yes' or 'no' to each of the following questions.

Do you live in a city?

Do you work in an office?

Do you take public transport regularly?

Do you frequently jog, run or walk alongside busy roads with traffic?

Do you regularly use a mobile phone?

Do you regularly use a computer?

Do you regualrly smoke cigarettes or other substances?

Do you frequently use recreational or prescription drugs and medication?

Do you regluarly drink alcohol on a dialy basis, or binge-drink on the weekends or at other times?

Do you do under 5000 steps a day?

Do you catch more than three colds, flus and / or other viruses?

Do you have any mercury fillings in your teeth?

Do you reguarly drink on a dialy basis any of the following:coffee, fizzy drinks, tap water, cows milk / and or carbonated sodas?

Do you regularly eat on a daily basis any of the following: sugar, sweets, chocolates, white bread, tinned or canned foods, frozen foods, microwaved foods, fried foods, meats, cured lunch meats, biscuits, cakes?

Do you normally add white sugar or sugar substitutes to tea or coffee?

Do you regularly add salt to your food when cooking, or add salt when the dish arrives?

Is reading food labels for chemicals or preservative before making selections irrelevant to


Were there more than 5 'yes' answers? Herbal Medicine can help support you through some dietary changes of detoxification.

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Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac

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