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Facial Wipes made at home

To make DIY makeup remover wipes:

You will need:

Food as Medicine talk at Roaming Zen

· a 500g Jar with a tight-fitting lid

· cotton rounds – 1 packet

· 1 TBSP aloe vera (if from your own 5 year old plant – 1 leaf)

· 3 tsp witch hazel – from the supermarket skin care section

· 1 tsp liquid castile soap

· 2 tsp coconut oil – (coconut oil also works well on its own – for the eye area only)

· 8 drops essential oil I like to use Tea tree oil or Lemon (Have a look at the Range in Roaming Zen)

To make:

First: Blend all the ingredients except the cotton rounds – and place into the jar.

Then: Peel apart the cotton rounds then stack on top of each other into the jar until they are all fully immersed with the mixture.

To Use keep one cotton round for each side of your face and gently wipe your makeup off or simply refresh.

These can be taken with you on trips for a refreshing wipe and kept in a snap lock bag.

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