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Welcome to the new clinic

My Naturopathic skill is through using Herbal tonics, Herbal teas, Food as Medicine and extensive understanding to keep your health on track.

Working in the hospital setting for over 16 years as an acute care nurse I learnt the ability to support illnesses and provide acute care as needed. I am now in a position where I can prevent people falling ill and in some cases reduce the time and duration of their illness as well as prevent further progression of their illness.

My clients have a goal for wellness and aim to take their healthcare in their own hands with the best of research and to be treated by the Naturopathic principles of Preventative Medicine.

572A Goodwood Road Daw Park is a new practice to provide this level of care and is available for you all Monday to Friday by appointment. I am still at Hyde Park Medical Centre and look forward to seeing you soon for your health check.

If you are in need a Health Check or to get back on track then book in via website

otherwise call Leanne on 08 8277 8006 /



88 King William Road, Goodwood

572A Goodwood Road, Daw Park

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