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The Holiday pack

Congratulations for taking your health into your own hands. This means carrying out the daily steps to keep in balance and on track. As we discovered from our 7 Week Cleanse programs this year, making small changes and additions to your daily intake can really support your overall health and wellbeing. Improvement was shown in digestion, kidney and liver function, brighter complexion, absorption of nutrients, less headaches, better sleep, lighter periods. Our goal is always to keep this good work going and especially over the holiday season.

At Naturo Health Care we have put together a 'Holiday Pack' Designed to keep you on track whilst away or relaxing at home. Each individual herbal and nutritional blend have been put together to support your energy, digestion, detoxification and overall kidney and liver cleanse. Keep yourself feeling optimal during this time where you need it most.

Each pack can be collected from clinic - please call to make your order 0429 017 897 or email otherwise purchase online HERE.

This carefully blended herbal body pack is retailing at $145 worth over $190

With delicately blended Rose cream, high antioxidant powder to add to your smoothies, lavender scented bath soaks, herbal blends and herbal tea, all for you.

Appointments are still available Tuesday afternoons through to Saturday's so please take the time to book in. We are open until the end of January before taking a week break.

Book online HERE.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic.

take care and congratulations for your health success to date.


Testimony from client who participated in my recent 7 Week Cleanse

"I can't express how much Lisa has helped me. I can honestly say hand on heart that the past 7 weeks has completely changed my life. I will continue to use Lisa's method as once you start, you will not want to go back. Thank you, Lisa, your knowledge and true desire to want to help people is forever grateful and I wouldn't feel this amazing it wasn't for you." HK

Taken from Instagram - @Naturohealthcare For more positive testimonies from my clients please see my google reviews.

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