The Holiday pack

We are so excited at Naturo Health Care as everyone has so far reached or very close to reaching their goals of enhanced energy, weight loss and feeling back on track. To celebrate this For the month of December Naturo Health Care has Detox packs available to cover the holiday season for current clients only. This blended holiday pack is to support you through this summer period.

Included will be your consultation to get your started, Certified organic high immune boosting powder made in the clinic to support your bodies process of cleansing. Powders to support maintaining stamina through this period. Tea is carefully blended by Naturopath Lisa Fiocchini to aid the process of elimination as well as your Detoxifying powder that includes protein to cover your meal replacement. With this you will also receive your diet diary and other goodies.

please mention you are booking in for the holiday pack when booking either online, via email otherwise by calling Leanne 08 82778006

Look forward to seeing you


Total costing $225.00 with all supplements / tea / consultation / goodie bag included! Savings of over $50!

*One per customer.

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