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Would your staff benefit from some easy to follow Nutritional advice?

Research has shown investing in the health of your staff members brings

benefits such as better health, fewer sick days, improved energy and work output. Research from the Center of Prevention and Health mentions, Mental illness and substance abuse issues cost employers millions.

As a business what can you do?

Invest in Naturopath and Cardiac Nurse Lisa Fiocchini from Naturo Health Care to provide the education around using Food as Medicine for healing. Lisa uses simple steps towards making daily meals more medicinal. This supports mental health, gut health, immune health and overall wellbeing.

The healthy mindset that comes from healthy staff members is infectious.

Naturo can arrange food demonstrations with education sessions over 4 visits to cover Gut and Brain health, Immune health and Energy support. Naturo's overall goal is to prevent burnout. These sessions are now being booked for 2022/23 and you may want to be a part of this success.

Included in the sessions is the blending and importance of herbal tea throughout the day with tastings made available. Naturo health care will also put together a cleansing lunch options that can be incorporated to all provide anti-inflammatory, immune boosting as well as detoxifying properties.

If you feel your staff could benefit from these sessions please email or call.

I look forward to being a part of your health success in 2022.

Lisa Fiocchini

Naturo Health Care


To arrange this please email:

phone: 0429 017 897

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