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Family meal planning for Teenagers wanting to become VEGAN

With the interest in Plant based eating on social's, I have had an increased amount of parents discussing their teenagers are wanting to go Vegan. My mind goes straight to protein and how much are they ingesting. Mind you this isn't just with Vegan eating this is with all types of diets. Often its the protein that can be missed or even worse over consumed! Being such an important food source you might say why is there a problem if over consumed... Yes there is because your body will then absorb less!

An example of the protein requirement for a 58kg teenage girl who exercises for 1 hour 5 days a week. Their protein requirement may be 60g per day.

This would look like

Tempeh 100g to give 19g of protein

Whole oats 2/3 cup to give 14g of protein

Hemp seeds 3 TBSP to give 11g of protein

Chic peas 1 cup to give 15g of protein

Cannellini beans 100g to give 17g of protein

And its not just eating the protein but when and how to optimize muscle repair and absorption. This is the minimal amount per day calculated the calculations may change based upon their body's response and ability to repair.

Many were unaware of their bodies needs for complete proteins that an unbalanced Vegan diet may not deliver. My job as a qualified Naturopath is to ensure my clients not only understand how food can be their medicine but also how food can also be a detriment.

Without complete forms of essential protein intake each day, they can disrupt their hormones, growth, development and mood. Also the important amino acids that support sleep and balance blood sugar levels can be missed, in particular Taurine which can be supplemented if not able to be soured enough through diet. This prompted me to put together various recipes with food combining to support all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for them during this precious time. I look forward to sharing it with them when in clinic next.

If you would like an INDIVIDUALISED VEGAN eBook you need to book in online for an INITIAL CONSULTATION this will give us an hour to discuss and investigate their eating requirement's. From here I will forward your eBook that will be put together as part of the consultation price.

Please be mindful all consultations are currently online only via Zoom so you can sit in the comfort of your own home whilst we go through this appointment.

I look forward to support your health and wellbeing.

Each of these eBooks need to be different to suit food aversions as well as allergies. Also to support each persons ability to digest and absorb the often higher fiber foods making them only available post an Initial consultation.

Book here with one click

take care

Lisa x

Remember at Naturo Health Care we have online zoom appointments available for your comfort and well being. Please forward your Iridology photo when making a booking for us to review.

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