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What herbal tea are you enjoying?

Winter is the perfect weather to be enjoying a range of herbal tea as it warms and nourishes us. My questions are... Is the tea you are drinking certified organic? Or is it filled with pesticides and other nasties. Is the tea you are drinking medicinal for you as well as tasting great or is it chosen just for taste?

My interest in herbal tea started when I was finding difficulty with giving herbal tinctures to some clients who were on multiple medication. The herbal tea was not only far better tolerated but able to support them in more ways that one.

I only purchase Certified organic blends to sell in clinic and ensure when I prescribe them they are giving the optimal in the experience as well as medicinal needs.

The Green Sencha blend I put together - is optimal for fat digestion and weight loss. The Chamomile blend - can support a lazy bowel as well as a nervous stomach. Then I have the adrenal supportive Licorice root blend that can boost stamina on a hectic day.

I look forward to discussing the right herbal tea blend for you net time you are in clinic. From 27th July this can be FACE to FACE as I will be working from 23A King William Road, Unley. My clinic times will be Wednesday 0800-1800 and Thursday 0700-1200.

In health and wellbeing,


Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac Nutrition /Herbalist / Meditation teacher / Iridology

specialising in 'Food as Medicine'.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

23A King William Road, Unley SA

0429 017 897

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