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ACNE the first step

My Anti-Acne plan

Although Acne most frequently occurs in teenage years, it can also be commonly seen in adults too. It is often due to hormonal imbalances which stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase oil output. But acne can also be due to poor dietary choices. If traces of sebum become trapped inside skin pores, tissue can attract bacteria, resulting in inflammation and blemishes.

Medical treatment is often to down regulate the hormonal production and to support the bacteria using antibiotics. This can further disrupt the gut micro flora and hormonal balance. Remember your feel good hormones, immune system and absorption of nutrients all occurs in the gut and needs a balance micro flora to support this.

My clients are taught how to boost their own immune response with food as medicine and herbal preparations as well as hormonal balance through essential fats and food to feed the right balance of hormone and elimination of excess hormones.

Acne is also aggravated by poor internal elimination and a poor quality carbohydrate and trans fatty diet. Working on digestion is primary treatment with input of fresh vegetable juices in particular rich in vitamin A, C and Zinc with Carrot, lettuce, nettle, watercress, celery and Dandelion root tea.

Lunches and dinners are filled with live enzymes and immune boosting meals to keep their internal organs cleansed.

A favorite lunch for my clients is Ancient grain salad with Millet, Brown rice and Black rice with roasted carrots, turmeric dressing, live sprouts, fresh herbs including thyme, coriander and mint with rocket and fresh lemon juiced with Unhulled Tahini drizzled on top. (from my Autumn/Winter eBook - ask for your copy)

Skin complaints are often a sign of a sluggish digestive system, if your needing a reboot.



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