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Can't I take a product for that?

Healthy hair, glowing

skin, bright eyes, energy, sleep, mental clarity. All are signs of balanced digestive system and optimal health. There are products on the market that claim to provide the necessary nutrients to support this. This isn't entirely true, as all ageing and diseases can all stem from poor gut functioning.

Whether its poor-quality food, undigested food, food intolerances - our cells talk, and the messages relayed are either repairing or causing more problems within the body. These problems may be inflammation, increased intestinal permeability, causing leaky gut, microbial toxins and bacteria production leaching out into our blood stream, immune dysregulation and deficiency.

When you are taking that tablet for shiny hair or adding drops in your eyes for bright eyes - your body is still creating the problem as that hasn't been restored. Coupled with inflammation you will not actually absorb what you are prescribed to supplement.

There are Universal principals for health! We learn these within our Naturopathic consultation and make them lifestyle habits in The 7 Week cleanse. I put the cleanse together as I found people wanted to get on top of their health quickly and with optimal support along the way rather than a monthly visit and slow progress.

Here are 4 simple steps you can start with today.

After the age of 30 we may notice a decline in muscle mass, hormonal changes, pain in muscles, joint stiffness. We are losing our CHI energy flow. Simple anti-ageing steps can be put in place to bring our mind to balance and restore this. You might start by standing bare foot on the grass and taking some deep breaths. Acknowledge your body and how it is feeling as you start to quieten your nervous system.

Infections, 70% of our immune system comes from our gut, this is often halved with poor digestion, a side effect that you may not immediately notice but will build up over time. There may be slight signs of Candida, fungal infections under your toenails, wounds that don't heal as quickly, white overlay on your tongue. Start with adding some fresh thyme and rosemary to your salads to support your immune and digestive health.

In clinic I always start with lightening the load of digestion. We supplement with the right nutrients that the client is showing deficiency in so there are no cravings. You can start the process of digestion support today with sliced fresh ginger in boiled water each morning.

Toxic build up is in all of us. It says in our fat cells as when we are making these changes it becomes released, this is cause of oxidative stress and problems to our immune health. When making lifelong changes or moving towards weight loss this needs to be addressed to ensure you don't end up getting sick with a cold or flu as your immune system drops. I use Organic Herbal teas, herbal medicine and nutraceuticals to support this process and speed up the absorption as needed. Once absorption takes place the body can focus on repair and rebuilding.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic.



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