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Do you wish you had more health support?

I put together The 7 Week Cleanse based on what I would wish for as a client.

Like myself many of my clients who were normally relaxed and balanced with health were starting to find themselves increasingly stressed and unable to balance the unknown in their life. This is a huge contributor to poor immune and gut function, so it was my job to help holistically bring their health and wellbeing back on track, with a Food as Medicine approach to healing.

I didn't just want to supply herbal medicine for their adrenals when their whole daily balance was undone. With my 20 years in the health care industry, I put together a plan that not only would support them individually with Food as Medicine. But also, holistically with daily rituals and habits to form. To support this, I decided on pre booked weekly face to face appointments. As well as live interactive Zoom sessions each Monday night to being likeminded people together as they all learn updated relevant knowledge on the Food as Medicine approach to disease prevention and healing.

Success speaks for itself! When the whole group is redoing the cleanse as they have all experienced benefits and health improvement.

How it works:

Weekly visits with me, one on one. We pre book the whole 7 weeks so there is no questions or uncertainty. Weekly Zooms for the group, rain, hair or shine I'm there! Testing as needed along the way and although there is a comprehensive outline for everyone, and I am also showing food demonstrations from week to week it is adapted to everyone's needs. We make habits from week to week that are practiced and set into the weekly basis.

If you are finding yourself snowed under with life and work, this might be the break your body and mind needs to get you simply back on track.

email me on for a free discovery call time to discuss if this is right for you.

Otherwise book your interest online under The 7 Week Cleanse

I look forward to working with you achieve your optimal health.

take care


Lisa Fiocchini

23A King William Road, Unley

0429 017 897


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