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Friday or is it FRI-YAY!

Hi, I hope you are feeling awesome! I'm here to make your day better,

Naturo Health is celebrating by offering a FREE $45 pamper box with your next appointment booked in on a FRIDAY! or

As one of our 7 Week Cleanse superstars calls the pamper night Fri-Yay!

This offer is only until 28th July 2023 and online or face to face appointments are all included. Also 1 free box per person.

I absolutely love the bath soak and face mask so much that I want you all to be able to experience this lavender infused and calendula entwined experience! Lisa

This is a sample of what you receive when joining our 7 Week Cleanse program each fortnight during the course. Our next one starts Monday 31st July 2023.

Book in online via otherwise let me know when you are free, and I look forward to seeing you. Book online with Lisa Fiocchini from Naturo Health Care

Keep up your health this winter with your medicinal eating.

When we have health, we have wealth.

Here to guide you and keep you on track


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