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Getting your Children motivated to get back to school with Food as medicine.

School is back in a few weeks, most children are habitually going to bed late, waking up late, eating discretionary food. All quite normal when we think about it, time away with friends and family, fun get together and lots of Netflix. Although time out is needed it can also throw routine out the window and cause havoc to mood, energy and overall mental clarity.

Now is a great time to start bringing back some routine, for my three girls I like to start with lunch.

Healthy lunch, full of nutrients that can bring back the buzz in energy and digestion. Some ideas can include homemade cold rolls, poke bowls with a rice base, Haloumi wraps with added humus and avocado for protein and essential fats. To balance their overwhelmed taste buds and sluggish digestive system add some live enzymes like sprouts, 2 handfuls of veggies, add fruit to their salads and seaweed to their poke bowls.

With sleep routine, I often find it easier to wake them up earlier then ask them to get to bed earlier. Once up early its easier for them to feel tired and then tend to priorities sleep. Upon waking we start to

implement nutrient fueled smoothies. Banana, berries, oats, honey, minerals from the clinic and some added protein whether flax meal for menstruation support or hemp powder for the muscle repair needed in rapid growth.

This in turn improves digestion, bowel actions and mental clarity. The last thing we want mood highs and lows when trying to get ready for schools return and all the stress associated.

It's also a great time to try on the uniforms, clean out the school bags, shine up the shoes and ensure all lunch boxes and water bottles ready to go.

Pre-Planning, if they are partaking in lot of extra curriculum sports you may need an additional lunch box or protein cookie snack for after school or drink bottle that can be 1/ 2 frozen with water to keep cool. This is a great activity for the kids to do and helps get their head in place for schools return.

In our pantry we have a white board where the kids write their favorite lunch box food. This takes out the guessing. To ensure adequate nutrients intake they must fill in something for each section FRUIT / VEG / CARBS and PROTEIN. In clinic I often go through this with each patient to make sure they are correctly meeting their energy requirements and balance whether it's for extra sports or rapid growth; mensuration or increased learning and concentration needed.

We have put together a back-to-school pack with added nutrients, natural under arm deodorant, face care herbal blends for calming the nervous system and organic minerals to add to their smoothies. Relaxing bath salts to support bedtime routine. There is also the option for added Eczema and facial cream with added rose to support hydration. You can collect from King William Road, clinic or buy online via

see you soon.


Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac

treating with Food as Medicine

23A King William Road, Unley



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