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Heart Health solutions by a Cardiac Naturopath

Over 10 years of working with Cardiac clients in an acute care hospital setting. I noted the common downfall they all experienced other than genetics and lack of answers to the questions regarding Heart Health.

They were unaware of the exact foods, nutrients and lifestyle changes they could make that could give them a greater chance of survival.

Too often they heard...

"lose weight", " eat healthy" Oh and

Here is a booklet to read and follow ...

Post surgery when you see your life flashed before your eyes this information and direction wouldn't be easy to digest!

Stress and shock makes any form of reasoning or thinking difficult let alone making massive lifestyle changes. So the question would arise..How?

Some would then delve into research to find their own ways which would often lend them back years later having more surgeries or with more problems. And if they went down the medical road of medication which in acute cases is absolutely imperative but in some cases may be able to be avoided. They then had alternative problems that they were faced with, the side effects.

I spent time when free on the wards trying to educate the importance of good health until I realised my knowledge, passion and time belonged in a clinic where I could do one on one consultation and support each person individually. Each of us have very individual needs with diet, lifestyle and education around health.

With Cardiac care medical intervention is important and upmost but the support afterwards with diet, lifestyle and education is what may keep you from returning to the hospital in the same state or further complications.

At Naturo Health Care we make sure we give the best one on one consultation advice with updated research and always back it up with education so you walk away knowing what and why you’re participating in exercise or lifestyle changes and dietary habit changes.

You are then able to take this information to your family and stop the generations behind you suffering the way you have.

Call today for your online consultation to get started.

Lisa Fiocchini ND. RN. Cardiac

Naturopath / Nutrition

0429 017 897


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