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Is the 7 Week Cleanse for you?

Over the last six weeks, Naturo Health Care has been running The 7 Week Cleanse. This is a Naturopathically run eating and wellness program designed to make healthy habits.

Our second program is commencing on Monday, 10th October.

If you missed out our September Cleanse, it's your time to shine!

Last night over our weekly zoom class we discussed success stories from each of our group members, it included:

  • Weight loss (actually everyone had achieved fat loss especially around the stomach area)

  • rashes reduced and for some disappeared

  • better sleep

  • higher levels of energy and concentration

  • blood sugar balance

  • hormonal improvement

  • acne improvement

  • improved digestion

  • and overall happiness.

what they said:

"I am into action, great energy thanks to you"

"Lisa, your energy and guidance has taken my 'worry about my state of health' to a 'its ok... we'll start by cleansing' feeling. You have turned my foggy and strained attitude to an active and forward thinking one... Summer, here I come!"

"Lisa, I feel I have a new life opportunity. I had a rash that was weeping all over my body. No specialists were able to help. I now have a 5c piece of it left as it is reducing each day and am feeling better than I ever have!"

Education is key in this program. Everyone commits to the 7 weeks. This includes Monday night group zoom sessions where I am in the kitchen teaching Food as Medicine applications to healing. They also attend one on one appointments weekly where we ensure their individualized care is being looked after.

The first two weeks are called CLEANSE as the focus is on gut, bowels, skin and lymphatics. Feedback so far is positive, and they are particularly loving the bath soaks I am making for them and facial and body masks of Australian Volcanic Minerals. These Pamper packs are worth over $90 and can be an opt in and purchase each fortnight. Once purchased they are delivered to their door with Naturopathically formulated Certified Organic herbal tea, Herbal formula and bath and facial products.

Week 3 and 4 is called REPAIR, we work on foods that heal the gut, support the liver and foods that boost absorption and vital nutrition. Once again pamper and nutrition packs are available to support this process.

Week 5 and 6 the focus is REVITALISE as we are ready to boost ourselves with the fundamental nutrients required for our immune support and cellular energy support.

The 105-page eBook filled with recipes and weekly session ideas for support are all that is needed to start lifelong focus on health and changes to optimal nutrition.

Measurements of body weight, body fluid intake, hydration, vital signs, muscle mass and iridology are taken in appointments as well as bloods and urine as required.

The next one Starts 10th October

If you feel this may be right for you, I would love to hear from you. Email with the codeword CLEANSE and receive your first pamper pack free! Worth over $90 when booking in for the whole course.

Book in your first consultation here:

Cost for the 7 Week Cleanse is $1360 for 7 faces to face and 7 zoom sessions, e book and continuous support over the 7 weeks!

Look forward to hearing from you!

take care

Lisa Fiocchini

Naturopath healing with Food as Medicine

or maybe you want a 15minute free discovery call to see if this is right for you 0429 017 897


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