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Lumpy breast tissue?

Here is some food as medicine to start the cleansing process.

Our lymphatic system has an important role of keeping our fluid levels in balance and defending the body against infections. When constricted or not given enough support it cannot fulfil its role completely. There is a large amount of lymphatic around our breast tissue, and it can often be constrained by a tight-fitting bra, not enough fluid intake, not standing straight or stretching, not deep breathing or limited movement. We can make these few easy changes daily to improve our lymphatic clearance. I have also listed some easy to prepare smoothies below to support this process of lymphatic elimination with targeted food as medicine for particular cells.

Naturally with this weather and season our body will start to want more live energy sources, extra fluid and lighter meals. These are a few cleansing juices that can be enjoyed as a meal or snack and are sure to support not only your digestion but also your energy and immune health.

These recipes are all a part of The 7 Week Cleanse as we work through cleansing our digestive and lymphatic system first.

Grapefruit for your breast tissue