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Medication Can't fix this!

Over 20 years ago I became a Registered Nurse, I absolutely loved learning about the body and its function. I also believed the fact that given the right environment- the body could heal itself.

This at times was a conflicting belief as a nurse. This was because our aim was to support the acute problem and manage it, rather than prevent the disease process.

Nevertheless, I am a person of my beliefs so, I never gave up on this focus.

I furthered my study for 10 years into cardiac care nursing, enjoying the fact that we could prevent cardiac death using medicine and surgery. The part I didn’t enjoy was the patient’s kept returning as expected, because their diet and lifestyle hadn’t changed.

After having three children myself, I decided it was time to further my studies into naturopathic medicine.

Finally, all my questions were answered, and all my clients today reap these rewards.

I’m able to focus purely on food as medicine and lifestyle balance for their health and well-being.

I want you to start thinking about what you do, and what you eat that may be causing a disease process in your body. It may not be showing signs today. It can be in 5- or 10-years' time as it does take time to wear away at the system.

I put together The 7 Week Cleanse in particular to bring about balance in lifestyle and diets. The outcome has been rewarding and overwhelming.

If you need support to make this change, this is right for you. We will learn about healthy swaps and how to medicinally eat to ensure no cravings, mood swings, irritability or anxiousness about the next meal. Instead feel free and light with confidence in your choices.

Book online via the book in tab on otherwise,

email me with questions on info@naturohealthcare

The next one starts on January 23rd, and I would love to have you on board.

Take care,

Lisa Fiocchini.

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