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Time for Food intolerance testing?

With the choice of over 500 foods and products tested this may be the next step for your health.

For over 15 years now I have been using various companies to find out food and product intolerances for my clients. This is often important as foods we eat daily can be causing more harm than good. I was surprised to think the lentils and onions I was enjoying on a daily basis were keeping my inflammatory markers high as they were two foods that my body was intolerant to. Sure enough I cut them out whilst I re-healed my system and results I was wanting came.

Many companies charge up to $500 for this testing, I have been using the same company over the last 5 years and happy with the results as well as the price. For $279 you can have over 500 products / foods tested. No need to book in just email and I can send the link and arrange payment. We will then book in to discuss results.