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Meet Lisa

Lisa Fiocchini is a dedicated practitioner to Natural Health.

Lisa has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years in Adelaide and Sydney Hospitals.  During this time Lisa has specialised her skills through post graduate studies in the field of Cardiac Nursing including diabetes and weight loss.  


Lisa Specialises her Nursing skills with Naturopathic advice to achieve complete health assessment and promotion.


Lisa works within her own clinic as a Naturopathic practitioner as well as dedicating her time to the up-and-coming Naturopaths and Nutritionists around Australia as a mentor.  


Throughout the year Lisa runs a highly successful "7 Week Cleanse" wholefood dietary education to support disease prevention as well as "7 Week step up for cardiovascular care" where her Food as Medicine and passion for the human body is incorporated for ultimate health and wellbeing.


Lisa has worked as lecturer for Endeavour College for 7 years in Adelaide, including the role of Curriculum Facilitator, for Sports Nutrition Nationally. 


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"7 Week step up for Cardiovascular care"

by Lisa Fiocchini, Naturopath and Registered Cardiac Nurse.


This program was put together, purely through the need I saw to educate patients using a Food as Medicine approach to health whilst putting the powder back into each patient through education.  


We can't ignore that facts; The Australian Buro of Statistics measures from our 2020 statistics of cardiovascular disease 79 persons are dying from heart disease every day!  


We have to remember, this is a largely preventable chronic disease, my goal would be for all patients suffering from cardiovascular, metabolic diagnosis would be educated by my "7 Week step up for Cardiac care" is a preventative approach that facilitates strength through knowledge in Food as Medicine for the Cardiovascular system. 


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NEXT ONE BEGINNING 8th February 2022

Costing includes weekly face to face appointments, eBook, weekly group zoom and education sessions, dietary outline and food as medicine packs to support diet and lifestyle.

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