Lisa Fiocchini of NaturoHealthCare will respect the privacy of every client treated at NaturoHealthCare.  All personal and health information will be stored securely.

NaturoHealthCare commits to ensuring that all personal information concerning its clients remains accurate, complete and up to date.


NaturoHealthCare subscribes to the policy of openness required under the National Privacy Principles and relevant State Guidelines relating to the management of personal information.

Naturopathy is based on prevention and health promotion. Different modalities may be used during the course of treatment including, but not limited to, dietary advice, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and Bach flower essence therapy. There are, however, risks associated with any treatment, and I am required to inform you of this.

It is very important that you inform your Naturopath at NaturoHealthCare of any diseases or health issues you may be suffering from and all medications prescribed or over the counter and all supplements  that you are taking.  You must also inform your Naturopathic practitioner if  you are pregnant, suspect you are pregnant, trying to fall pregnant, or breastfeeding.

When prescribed supplements herbal and nutritional from your Naturopathic practitioner it is important that you take them according to the prescription, and seek further advice if unsure.

I understand that Lisa Fiocchini is a Naturopathic practitioner, and will use only natural, non- invasive methods of assessment and treatment.

The Naturopathic practitioner reserves the right to determine what falls outside of their scope of practice, and an appropriate referral will be recommended.

At no time is the Naturopathic Practitioner suggesting to me to refrain from seeking the advice of another health care provider. All fees are payable at the time of appointment; including fees for services and prescriptions. Hicaps machine is present but when needed a payment invoice will be provided and where private healthcare rebate is applicable, this must be done directly with the client’s private health provider.

I understand that any therapies recommended will be explained to me in full by the naturopathic practitioner, and that I will give consent to treatment based on informed consent also I have the freedom to accept or reject this care.

NaturoHealthCare  will periodically contact clients on various issues. This may include newsletters, promotions or information on seminars. Notification from clients will be recorded if they do not wish us to contact them on any particular issues.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or any privacy issues, please contact NaturoHealthCare.

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As a Nutritionist I am covered by:

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