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Recipes for Surf Sisters!

Thank you to all the Surf Sisters who shared a night of eating, laughing and education about Food as Medicine for optimal health.

Recipes we shared

Simple Bone Broth

1 chicken caucus

2 brown onions diced

2 carrots

4 sticks of celery - top part with leaves

Put into a pot and cover in water

Bring to boil then simmer for 2 hours or more.

Add water as needed

Finally add a massel stock cube - i used salt reduced chicken.


We had it over sprouts, spinach, mushrooms and cabbage

Then we added fresh herbs of choice - coriander, basil and mint.

Chia Puddings

1/3 cup chia to 2 cups of coconut milk

Stir - wait a minute then stir again

Put into cups and refrigerate.

Enjoy with

Nuts, seeds, berries, cinnamon, banana, cacao and yoghurt on top.

Lisa's Rainbow Salad 5

For each serve

1/2 beetroot raw grated

2 medium carrots raw grated

1 zucchini raw grated

1 green apple raw grated

Optional to add shredded cabbage

Combine and dress with your favourite salad dressing - remember to add tahini to The dressing for extra calcium and magnesium.

Add on top seeds, nuts, currants, crasins, fresh herbs.

with the biscuits - i used the one on my website (with all the seeds - omited choc chips)

but added 1/2 cup oat flour, 1 cup milled puffed and 2 eggs to combine it all.

See you all in a fortnight.

Lisa Fiocchini


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