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Clinical Reasons for why you're not losing weight.


Monday 13th February at 11am

Cost: $10.00

Lisa Fiocchini has been a Registered Cardiac Nurse and Naturopath for over 11 years working in Adelaide and Sydney Hospitals. During this time Lisa has specialised her skills through post graduate studies in the field of Cardiac Nursing including diabetes and weight loss from Children to Adults.

Lisa Specialises her Medical approach with Nutritional advice to achieve complete health assessment and promotion. In this Seminar Lisa will be discussing clinical reasons behind why people may not be losing weight, the testing available, diet changes necessary and how to use food as medicine to support the weight loss process at any age.

There will also be a food demonstration for medicinal eating to cleanse and support your organs through weight loss and a practitioner only range of herbal tea on display for tastings. Bookings can be made through Club Reception

For more information about Naturo Health care please refer to

Come along to my next Seminar at The Next Generation, Memorial Drive.

Hear what Food as Medicine is importat for Weight loss as well as the Clinical reasons and tests avaiable to support weight loss.

My organic herbal tea range will be available for purchase and testing.

Look forward to seeing you at my Favourite gym!

Lisa x

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