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Hold the fries, I will have Miso instead.

Hangover cure

Cravings for Salt and fat can overtake your New Year's resolutions as you may have overindulged in alcohol over the last day or more. Don't let this stop your success for a healthier you in 2019.

Miso soup has been enjoyed by the Japanese for hundreds of years to help overcome the dreaded hangover. The salt form the Miso paste will support the salty cravings and rehydration. Its high choline content will start to prevent build up of Alcohol in the liver and speed up the discharge from your body. Its high mineral content will support balance and cravings. And the fermentation of the soya bean is high in essential amino acids and good bacteria to support your body through this process.

As a cardiac nurse and naturopath I also want to share the Nutrition study from Pub Med in 2012 regarding Miso soup's effect on hypertension. Not only did it reduce the systolic blood pressure but also supported the heart and kidneys form further damage from the hypertension.

Have it as a cup of soup, or spread on toast with poached eggs. Most of all remember the importance of rehydrating yourself today and always with good old Water ;)

Love Lisa, the Nurse and Naturopath

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Lisa Fiocchini

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