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Lunch Box Ideas for the growing body

After having my three girls I realised how precious their adolescent years are. As a parent I push them to be the best they can be at school, sports, friendships and as a person in general. I also understand they are growing and need additional nutritional intake to facilitate this and keep them in steed for strong solid health. I have worked with hundreds of children to support heir lunch ideas and ensure even with my own they understand the benefits of using Food as Medicine for their health benefit. Whether we need to send off their blood and start with a food intolerance and nutritional marker testing or just follow their food diary we are able to come up with a balance that suits the family, adolescent and practitioner with wants and needs being met.

In April I am holding a Food as Medicine for Adolescent lunch box cooking demonstration that will not only empower you as a parent / caregiver but help with weekly cook ups and pre planners to make your week and mindset a little easier.