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Superfoods for a Super body

Years ago, working over 50 hours a week as a Registered Nurse in The Royal Prince Alfred, Sydney, I became exhausted very quickly. I didn't have the reserve needed to keep up all the shift I wanted to do as well as my cardiac

study. It didn't seem right when some practitioners were doing more than me and not showing signs of deficiency. I would often seek out support for my fatigue from fellow practitioners and doctors but were unable to find sustaining answers. Out of sheer determination I used to drag myself out of bed to work and during my breaks try to read all about Dr Mercola, Dr Ian Gawler and other health gurus on how they were being healthy. They seemed to have answers that others didn't.

I began to understand my cardiac clients better, they were experiencing aging of their cells, congestion of their cells no wonder their cells couldn't communicate effectively to each other!<