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Superfoods for a Super body

Years ago, working over 50 hours a week as a Registered Nurse in The Royal Prince Alfred, Sydney, I became exhausted very quickly. I didn't have the reserve needed to keep up all the shift I wanted to do as well as my cardiac

study. It didn't seem right when some practitioners were doing more than me and not showing signs of deficiency. I would often seek out support for my fatigue from fellow practitioners and doctors but were unable to find sustaining answers. Out of sheer determination I used to drag myself out of bed to work and during my breaks try to read all about Dr Mercola, Dr Ian Gawler and other health gurus on how they were being healthy. They seemed to have answers that others didn't.

I began to understand my cardiac clients better, they were experiencing aging of their cells, congestion of their cells no wonder their cells couldn't communicate effectively to each other!

I then moved into researching these superfoods and how they can cleanse the cells, break down scar tissue, strengthen organs and feed cells to support added energy output. They are true powerhouses!

As my passion turned to study of Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, I understood its always best to cleanse before adding the antioxidants. Also, to prep your gut before ingesting high levels of essential fatty acids and healthy bacteria, to improve overall immune system and health.

Within my 7 Week Cleanse I supply these superfoods in your gift boxes and teach you how to cleanse and prepare your body for them. We have one on one face to face consultations each week over the 7 weeks and 8 weeks of group Zoom sessions for education, questions and answer sessions.

The gift boxes are included in the price of $1360 and so is the eBook, appointments, zooms and all recipes.

One of my clients recently

spent over $450 seeing a hematologist for bloods that were out of range and showing the possibility of a blood disorder or cancer. After 15min consultation they were informed there is nothing they can do yet, it will be a wait and see process and they are to continue to come in each year until the bloods are at the range to start treatment.... How is this supporting your health! What about information on the condition that may be showing, how to make changes to support your body with this, boost your immune system, eliminated foods / drinks / activities that may be contributing to poor blood...

I started them on my cleanse and introduction of superfoods. After a process of elimination, energy improved, bloods looking clear, organs working better.

You can start today your anti-ageing process by adding some alfalfa sprouts to your salad or a wheat grass shot to your vegetable juice.

When in clinic next ask about the products, I source that are certified organic and put into jars ready for sale. If you want educational support along the way for your healing journey, then it's time to join January cleanse and be a part of the new you.

take care


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