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Anti-Ageing food daily for optimal health support

Each and every day, I am ingesting Medicinal foods to slow down the ageing process within my body. Largely due to the environment I live in, factors of foods I cannot control are aging my cells. This has become normal and often accepted as a normal process of life.

Different cultures see this process and ensure their daily intake gives adequate antioxidants to support their body to not be affected by this process. We can see those high dose antioxidants

like berries, spirulina, matcha and whip them into a smoothie and feel were on top of it all... Are we really.

Not yet, we need to ensure our body is absorbing them and producing adequate daily elimination to clear our body of excess toxins.

When I put together The 7 Week of Cleanse as well as The Cardiovascular Care course. I teach ways to ensure we are improving our digestion, eliminating waste from our body and learning out the importance of food choices to keep us anti-ageing daily.

My favorite routine for all is to wake up with fresh ginger grated or juiced into your warmed water. Have a refreshing shower and finish your shower on cold in the morning to get yo

ur lymphatics pumping, start your digestion with high digestive fruits and gently massage your digestive system with a raw grated salad with added fresh herbs, garlic, pastes of turmeric and thyme.

Balance your afternoon with a warm cup of matcha and keep your dinners with company and filled with bright glossy colors.

As we gently move out our toxins, we are also able focus on restoring and rebuilding areas that needs repair. There are no rapid movement or actions taken.

These steps are for life, so they need to fit into your routine and keep your balance whilst making them, that is why I have devised each step to take place over the full 7 weeks so there is no burnout.

If you feel this may be right for you my next one is after Easter in July and m

ay be a good time to bring balance to your system whilst getting back on track.

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